Q. A friend told me that I should buy porcelain tile because the color goes all the way through. This way, if I chip something, it won’t show. Is this true?

A. That’s not always the case. There are two common types of porcelain tile, “through-body” and “Glazed”. Both types are solid dense porcelain “ceramic” tiles. Both tiles are made from compressed clay and baked in a kiln at high temperatures.

Porcelain tile in general is freeze/thaw stable and for exterior use. It is very durable for both heavy duty commercial and residential use. Porcelain tile is chip resistant and moisture resistant. That’s where the similarity ends.

Through-body porcelain tile refers to porcelains where the composition of the tile goes all the way through the tile. There are many manufacturing techniques for finishing these tiles, however they are typically considered unglazed. The surface may be polished, honed or textured.

Glazed porcelain tile refers to porcelain tile where the surface of the tile is “glazed”. It may be a color coat, clear coat or both. These types have excellent durability, but not as durable as the through-body porcelain for heavy commercial floor applications. The composition of these tiles may be a white body, color matched or combination of techniques.

You will find a large selection of styles in both categories.

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