Finishes and Protectants

Products formulated to provide a protective finish or sheen, for use on natural stone and unglazed tiles. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendation for use.

  • Brilliance


    Adds luster to polished natural stone. Repeated use protects polished stone. Safe for food preparation surfaces

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  • Fila Jet

    Fila Jet

    Ideal for textured porcelain stoneware floors in high traffic areas. • Excellent adhesive power. • Performs very well on rough finish porcelain stoneware • High gloss effect without polishing

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  • Fila Kristall

    Fila Kristall

    Revitalises old and worn surfaces. • Hazard free use: does not contain aggressive and dangerous inorganic acids. • Can be used on polished marble tops.

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  • Grout Colorant

    Grout Colorant

    Put a new grout color on top of your existing color grout without having to remove a layer of the existing grout.

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  • Renue


    Removes etches and light scratches. Restores shine to dull surfaces. Easy-to-use

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