Cleft Golden Sand Quartzite Slate
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  • 4x12 golden sand quartz
  • golden sand 1x12
  • golden sand 2X12
  • MCL-01
  • MCL-02Y
  • MCR-11Y
  • MCR-14AY
  • MCT-20Y
  • MCX-09Y
  • SLGQM2

Cleft Golden Sand Quartzite Slate

Golden Sand is a highly varied quartzite slate with a color range of rusts, greens, greys, golds, salmon and white. Available in 16×16, 12×12, 4×12, 2×2, 1×2, 2″ hex, 1″ hex, Interlocking pattern, Random Strips, Random Mini Strips, Cross stix mosaic, 2×12 chair rail, 1×12 pencil.

wall, floor, backsplash, accents, interior, exterior