Mapei Keraply Additive

Keraply is a professional-grade, acrylic latex admixture used to enhance the performance of MAPEI’s non-modified, dry-set mortars as well as Adesilex™ P10 glass tile mortar. As a highly recommended admixture, Keraply enhances bond strength, flexural strength, elongation and freeze/thaw durability.

• Improves the bond strength of mortar
• Enhances mortar performance and allows use with a wider range of tile
and stone types over additional substrates
• Good for most difficult tiles and interior/exterior surfaces
• When a dry-set mortar is mixed with Keraply rather than water, the mixture
is ideal for setting tile in areas subject to severe climate swings (ranging
from high to below-freezing temperatures, and from dry to wet conditions)


• Interior/exterior, residential/commercial wet and dry installations • Installation of ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry tile, pavers, Saltillo tile, and most types of marble, granite, glass tile and natural stone