Miracle Levolution Spacing and Leveling System
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  • Miracle Levolution Tile Spacing and Leveling System
  • Levolution Flat Spacer
  • Levolution Tee Spacer
  • Levolution Cross Spacer
  • Levolution Cap
  • Levolution Evolver Tool
  • Levolution De-Capper

Miracle Levolution Leveling and Tile Spacing System

Miracle Sealants Levolution system is a revolution in Tile Spacing & Leveling Systems for all Tile & Natural Stone, especially large format tile. The system is comprised of 4 components: Spacers, Caps, Evolver Tool and the De-Capper Tool.

Levolution Standard and Universal Spacers are designed to provide precise spacing and leveling for your tile installation.

  • These spacers are available in 3 sizes ( 1/16 in, 1/18 in, 3/16 in) and are compatible with any sized tile.
  • Levolution can be used with tile or stone with thicknesses up to ½”
  • Once the mortar is dry the spacer can be completely removed so nothing is left behind in the grout joint.
  • Spacers are sold 50 per bag

The Levolution Cap component is a universal and reusable cap designed to prevent any lippage from occurring during installation. These caps are placed over the tile spacer and then tightened with the Levolution Evolver Tool to provide a consistent, even and level floor or wall installation.

  • These caps are universal so they are compatible with each spacer profile (cross, flat, tee) and size (1/16 in, 1/8 in, 3/16 in).
  • These caps have an open center so the installer can always see the grout lines to make sure they are straight.
  • Caps are designed to be reused up to 8 times depending on how aggressive installer is when removing as in kicking off or using the evolver tool to remove.
  • Levolution can be used with tile or stone with thicknesses up to ½”.
  • Caps are sold 50 caps per bag and include a De-Capper tool that removes the caps from the spacers for re-use or adjustment.
The Levolution Evolver Tool is a reusable tensioning tool designed to aid in proper leveling of floor and wall tile installations.

  • It has a tensioning dial which allows for accurate clamping for different thicknesses of tile and stone.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle and trigger that eliminates stress and fatigue on your hands.
  • Easy to use and can be taken apart for cleaning or maintenance allowing one tool to be used on thousands of square feet.
  • Secures the caps to the tile spacers by pushing down rather than pulling or twisting like other systems which can scratch or pull tiles apart.


Installation video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifcZ9-wwz8Y&feature=youtu.be